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"It is for FREEDOM that Christ has set us FREE..."

What Christian Leaders are Saying about Dylan's Ministry

“Thanks to each and every one of you for attending and supporting Dylan and Fiona and their efforts to bring sanity and to bring the message of God to the people of Australia and the people of the world. 

We follow Dylan in the United States. We all do. We love him on social media. He is on fire. And you can tell God, through the Holy Spirit, is in him. 

Please rally around Dylan Oakley. He is on fire. He is an icon of truth. He is an icon and a messenger. I think clearly God, through the Holy Spirit, is in him, working through him. We can all see it. 

Americans follow him. People all over the world follow Dylan. 

Please pray for him. Pray for a hedge of protection around him. Pray for his support and his strength and his health.” 
Peter McCullough, MD, MPH
McCullough Foundation
“There are different kinds of preachers in this world, there are good ones, and there are less good ones. As a Baptist pastor I have seen all kinds. 

Then there are those men who have the fire of God in their belly, who are filled with the Holy Spirit, who are learned in the word of God, and who have a gift for seeing through the lies of our society and applying the truth of the word of God to many situations like a swordsman of great skill. 

Dylan Oakley is one of those preachers. He is a man that I have been honoured to share the pulpit with. 

He is also a man of integrity and a true man of God. I respect him greatly and know your church will be blessed if you partner with him in ministry.” 
Ps. Matt Littlefield
New Beith Baptist Church
“Dylan is a warrior at heart. 

When I think of what it must have been like to be an ANZAC I think of Dylan. He passionately loves his family, his nation and above all others is his love for God. 

He is courageous, loves the truth, and will not shrink back from a battle. He would be the kind of person I would want by by side in a time of war - of which there is right now - a battle for the truth and for justice… for when we have these there will be freedom. 

Freedom has a voice!”
Ps. David Pearce
Living Word Fellowship
“Dylan is a man with deep conviction, contagious passion, and carries a mission to point us back to Truth.” 
Andrew Zimmerman CPA
Living Strategies
“Everyone out there get behind and support Dylan. Support him financially. Support him prayerfully. Support him. 

He's a good man and he's fighting a good fight and soldiers need weapons. 

Dylan, keep swinging that sword.” 
Pat Mesiti
Reborn Ministries

About Evangelist Dylan Oakley


BA, Grad.Dip.Teach (Sec)

Dylan Oakley is a registered teacher of 24 years, with tutoring experience at tertiary level.

In 2021, he was barred from the classroom under the Queensland government’s unconscionable Covid ‘vaccine’ mandates. Since that time Dylan has become increasingly recognised in Australia, and internationally, as a courageous voice for truth, righteousness, and justice.

Dylan has built a reputation for being an uncompromising man of God who speaks with clarity and conviction at protests, freedom rallies, and community events.

Dylan’s ministry includes preaching on the streets and in churches (including his home church, Harvest Point Beaudesert). He also provides weekly teaching broadcasts across various social media platforms.

Dylan’s ministry is bearing much fruit and attracts a large international following, particularly from the United States.

Dylan Oakley is committed to REVIVAL of the churches, another GREAT AWAKENING of humanity, and the SPIRITUAL GROWTH of believers.

He is married to Fiona, also a teacher, and they have five children.

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